Penny Stocks Making Your Pennies Count!

Micro-cap and small-cap companies typically take less dollar volume to witness a major increase compared to their higher priced counterparts and could provide robust returns that are hard to find in other markets!

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Welcome to PennyPickAlerts

PennyPickAlerts provides due diligence on companies that could provide substantial returns for our members. Simply because we specialize in offering in-depth information on micro-cap companies that have the potential to increase substantially.

So, if you're a novice trader, an intermediate level trader or an experienced investor, we would like to help you tremendously expand your investment portfolio.

425% Gain
1,200% Gain
660% Gain
1,500% Gain

Timely Trade Alerts

Once our team has identified a company that meets our criteria of becoming a potential block buster scenario, we'll send a newsletter describing the elements that we feel should be focused on.

And you can decide if you want to sit on the bench or get in the game.